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SYIF Case Studies

South Yorkshire Investment Fund worked closely with intermediaries and businesses to help raise valuable growth finance when alternative sources of funding are not available.

Finance Yorkshire has now taken on responsibility for providing gap finance in Yorkshire and the Humber and continue to work closely with businesses and intermediaries.


If you or your client are looking to grow a business further and need additional funds we are keen to talk to you. Below are some case studies to show how we are investing in the regions' businesses.

We also have lots of press releases on our business news pages detailing some of the SYIF deals. 

Case Study: TASC

June 2009

TASC, which has 66 employees, have been involved with a number of high profile projects across the countr, such as the £200m St Stephen's retail development in Hull, where they provided diamond drilling and thermal insulation services

Case Study: Atomising Systems

June 2009

The company has seen turnover increase from £500,000 five years ago to more than £3million and become the leading supplier of atomising technology and equipment to the global metal powder industry.

Case Study: Biovision Medical

June 2009

Biovision Medical recently received a £50,000 investment from South Yorkshire Investment Fund

Case Study: ZOO Digital

June 2009

ZOO Digital has received more than £900,000 of funding over the last four years, in a series of equity linked investments amd business loans from South Yorkshire Investment Fund.

Case Study: Econix Ltd

January 2009

Econix recently received a £150,000 equity linked investment from the South Yorkshire Investment Fund.

Case Study: Activ4life Healthcare Technologies

June 2008

The Fund provided Activ4life Healthcare Technologies with both seedcorn funding and an equity investment for a total investment of £250,000.

Case Study: Kaos Solutions

January 2008

The Fund provided a £100,000 investment to Kaos Solutions' to develop their Room Angel software and finance research into other phone applications.

Case Study: PMS Diecasting Ltd

January 2008

The Fund provided a £150,000 investment to increase production levels and quality as well as break into a new market.

Case Study: BiBCOM Ltd - A Mentor's Case Study

December 2007

The Fund provided a £120,000 investment to enable BiBCOM to put real marketing measures in place which will sustain growth, backed by a new website through which the product can be purchased and downloaded.

Case Study: Newsplus Media Technologies Ltd

October 2007

The Fund provided a £97,500 Seedcorn investment to develop technology, conduct market research and expand sales and marketing.

Case Study: Epitomy Solutions Ltd

August 2007

The Fund provided a £50,000 as part of a syndicated deal worth £170,000 to Epitomy Solutions Limited.

Case Study: Chesterfield Cylinders

June 2007

The Fund has made a £350,000 equity investment into Chesterfield Cylinders.

Case Study: Flow Group Ltd

January 2007

The Fund provided £500,000 expansion capital loan through a mezzanine finance package.

Case Study: Silvapower

January 2007

The Fund provided a working capital loan to help purchase stock.

Case Study: Abbeydale Brewery

May 2006

The Fund provided £150,000 loan to help fund an expansion.

Case Study: School Trends Ltd

March 2006

The Fund provided £100,000 to help with an acquisition.

Case Study: Labfacilities Ltd

August 2005

The Fund has made 3 investments totaling £175,000 into Labfacility.

Case Study: Independent Forgings

June 2005

The Fund has been a regular investor into Independent Forgings since 2002.

Case Study: Connexion2 and Identicom

May 2005

The Fund has invested £200,000 in return for a minority equity stake in the company.

Case Study: Metro Technologies

July 2004

The Fund has invested £50,000 into Metro Technologies.

Focus On: South Yorkshire Support For Start Ups and Early Stage Businesses

August 2007

Start ups and early stage businesses within, or moving into, South Yorkshire, can benefit from a range of backing from SYIF.

Focus On: Funds Available for Property Purchasing Assistance

February 2007

Loans available to fill the gap between the price of property and the mortgage available from your bank.

Focus On: South Yorkshire's Digital Industries

March 2006

Loans available for the region's start up and newly formed digital and creative companies.