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Downloads Available from South Yorkshire Investment Fund

Our finance application forms, Mentorbank registration forms, reports and presentations are listed below. Files are in Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat format.

Finance Yorkshire has taken on responsibility for providing gap finance in Yorkshire and the Humber.



SYIF Roundtable Meeting August 2009

SYIF Intermediary Update September 2008


Mentorbank Forms

  • Mentor Registration Form (MS Word .doc  88KB)
    If you would like to apply to Join Mentorbank as a Mentor or Non-Executive Director please complete and return this registration form.
  • Mentorbank Quarterly Progress Report (MS Word .doc  83KB)
    Quarterly progress reports are required from Fund clients from the commencement of a loan or investment from the Fund. Please download, complete and sign, obtain a signature from your mentor or NED, and attach copies of their invoices to make a claim for mentor fee subsidy and return.
  • Mentorbank Baselining Proforma (MS Word .doc  80KB)
    The Baselining Proforma must be completed, signed and returned to the Fund as close to the commencement of a loan or investment as possible. It should list all employees of the company, including executive directors, and provide home post-codes and information on ethnicity, gender and disability status. The information is used by our funders to set a baseline so that they can measure the positive benefits of their investment in creating the South Yorkshire Investment Fund.